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Recovering Bitcoin Funds

Making an error while executing a bitcoin transaction through an exchange account or private wallet can permanently lose funds. However, we help restore bitcoins sent to the wrong wallet address with our tool within time. The team of engineers at Bitcoin Recovery Tool also addresses issues related to bitcoin theft, deleted data, lost passwords, and bitcoin exchange software.

Restoring Lost cold wallet

Most of the time, damaged mobile, hard drive, or computer wallets contain bitcoin wallets. And the owners try to access their bitcoin accounts but cannot retrieve them. Our team of skilled software engineers helps them recover their assets and store them in a new wallet with seed

Generating Private keys

People forget bitcoin wallet keys containing a series of letters, numbers, a seed phrase, or barcodes and lose access to their accounts. We help them generate new random private keys to gain access to their bitcoin wallet.


A dusk attack refers to falsely luring thousands of investors with the trace (called dust) amount of bitcoin simultaneously to unmask the real identities of the wallet holders.